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Main Features
  • Over 6000 customer specific components(Over 1000 active in production)
  • Safety-transformers according to EN 60742 (IEC742) and EN61558 up to 600VA
  • Transformers according to EN 61558-x0570 up to 30,000VA
  • Transformers (OEM) according to customers specifications
  • Low profile transformers
  • Small-transfomers
  • Control-transformers, one- and three phase up to 2000VA
  • High-Voltage-transformers up to 5kV
  • Toroidal-transformers up to 3000VA
  • Transformers according to UL-specification
  • Transformers with UL-approved Isolationsystem (130°C)
  • Ferrite transformers acc. standard VDE 0570/EN 61558-2-17 on topologies such as:
    Flyback transformers (continuous and discontinous mode)
    Forward Transformers
    Push Pull Transformers
    Driver Transformers (also in SMD)
    Current Transformers
  • Our Product Line also includes:
    Ferrite high voltage transformers
    Chokes (also in SMD)
    EMC Chokes
    Coils, Magnetic Coils & Motor Coils
    Wall Power Supplies